19/07/2017 - 12:22

Sharing a home, rebuilding lives

Reception. The Refugiats Benvinguts platform is looking for people who want to share their homes with asylum seekers on a temporary basis.

19/07/2017 - 15:11

On the move in Latin America

Refuge. Asylum requests by people from the other side of the Atlantic have shot up. Nearly half of those attended to by municipal services in Barcelona are originally from Venezuela, Colombia, Honduras and El Salvador.


From 10/06/2017 to 30/09/2017

World Refugee Day: Exhibition ‘Sueños refugiados’

Exhibitions. A display of photographic work by young asylum seekers.

‘Refugiats, l'odissea cap a Europa’

Exhibitions. Photographic display by Sergi Càmara documenting the extremely tough journey to Europe which thousands of people decide to take on as they flee from war.