Almost half of migrants attended to are asylum seekers

Almost half of migrants attended to are asylum seekers

Mon, 29/07/2019 - 12:34


Refuge. The number of families with minors arriving in the city has increased.

The Service Centre for Immigrants, Emigrants and Refugees (SAIER) attended to 12,332 people between January and June this year. The figure means that by the end of the year the centre will have helped some 1,500 more people than in 2018, attending to more than 21,300 people, an 87% increase compared to 2015.

In the last few months the number of people applying for asylum has risen by 40%, accounting for 46% of all people using the service. The upward trend in users seeking international protection continues: some 53% of people arriving in the city originate from countries in conflict.

The main countries of origin for users helped by the SAIER are: Venezuela (1,308), Colombia (970), Georgia (565), Honduras (535) and El Salvador (420).

The SAIER attends to migrants and refugees and, in cases of vulnerability, offers them emergency temporary accommodation, provided by the City Council.

More reception resources

An average of 133 migrants and asylum seekers in vulnerable situations are provided with accommodation every day, most of them families with minors who have received no help from the state or from the Government of Catalonia, the two bodies responsible for refugees.

A series of measures are planned to improve the quality of support provided, such as asking the state to re-introduce the national reception fund for municipalities and set up legal and safe routes for migrants to enter the country, as well as networking to support and integrate migrants in the city.

The number of minors belonging to refugees reached 1,304 in June, some 50% more than for the same period last year. A new SAIER centre is to be opened in C/ Tarragona in September, offering 300 square metres of floor space and featuring children’s facilities to ensure proper support for families.

Consolidation of the Nausica programme

Nausica, the municipal support service for refugees left out of the state programme or who are no longer entitled to help, offers temporary accommodation and comprehensive social care to foster insertion and autonomy.

The programme is currently helping 84 people, 59 of whom are part of a family and 25 of whom arrived alone. The main countries of origin for these people are: Ukraine, Pakistan, Honduras and Syria. Nausica has been recognised as a successful municipal plan, with various municipal councils around the state emulating the same model.