Renewed subsidies for projects to improve awareness on asylum and refuge

Wed, 10/01/2018 - 11:45


Awareness. The application period closes on 25 January.

For the second year running, the general grant call for district and city projects, activities and services for 2018 includes a section for projects on the right to asylum and refuge. The ‘Barcelona, Refuge City’ plan is again involved, giving transparent support to the numerous awareness and action plans received from citizens, entities and collectives in the city.

The aim is to subsidise local neighbourhood entities and those working in Barcelona in the field of social rights and cultural and community action focused on migration, refuge, human rights, conflicts and peace education, helping them to carry out awareness work and action in the sphere of forced displacement and its causes, international protection and the right to asylum and reception.

The ‘Barcelona, Refuge City’ plan promotes a broad perspective of the current and historical reality of people fleeing their countries of origin because of various forms of violence and the violation of rights. The plan promotes arrival and reception in our city, from a perspective of the international reality of conflicts and their causes, with a local approach and from the perspective of spaces for coexistence. Particular consideration will be given to projects designed to inform and improve public awareness in the city relating to this reality, while fostering a critical spirit. Consideration will also be given to action promoting volunteering and mentorship for projects offering support for refugees and asylum seekers.

Because of this, the subsidies encompass a wide array of projects and action:

  • Action promoting participation, awareness and involvement of citizens in terms of relations between equals and the fight against inequalities and the violation of rights.
  • Workshops and other participatory formats for creation (art, music, theatre, sports etc.) promoting multiculturalism, participation, training and reception.
  • Training, courses, group sessions and other formats for learning or interaction.
  • Networking initiatives at a local level and with neighbourhood associations.
  • Design, production, organisation and dissemination of exhibitions, awareness campaigns using communication tools and new technologies, monographs, talks, documentaries, artistic performances, book publication and digital production.

The section centring on asylum and refuge forms part of the Citizen Rights subsidy programme. The budget allocation for these subsidies in 2018 is 90,000 euros.


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