Second edition of the online course ‘Asylum, immigration and human rights’

Courses. Training to understand what international protection consists of, how it has evolved and the main aspects of reception and support for international asylum seekers and refugees.

Forced displacement is not an occasion occurrence, but rather history repeating itself. The main cause of forced displacement in the world is the violation of human rights. Because of this, international protection, asylum, is often the only option for millions of people forced to flee their homes. We need to understand the multiple causes which force millions of people to leave their homelands in search of protection, as well as asylum in our country to become an inclusive society, which respects people’s dignity.

The course aims to:

  • Transmit a global image of forced displacement.
  • Explain what international protection consists of.
  • Find out how international protection has evolved, particularly in the EU and the Spanish state.
  • Introduce other less visible forms of persecution.
  • Offer the tools to detect potential asylum seekers.
  • Outline the main aspects of refugee reception.

Aimed at:

  • Specialists and political staff from public administrations.
  • Workers and social educators.
  • Staff from entities working in the fields of cooperation, asylum, immigration and human rights.
  • Human rights activists.
  • Security bodies (local police and the Mossos d’Esquadra corps).
  • Anyone committed to and concerned about guaranteeing human rights.


  • Introduction: “Getting to know the reality of forced displacement in the world: trends and figures”.
  • Module I: “Forced displacement in the context of human rights: at a global, European and state level”.
  • Module II: “How to detect international protection cases? Giving visibility to reasons behind persecution”.
  • Module III: “The refugee reception system and the coordination of services and other bodies to guarantee comprehensive reception”.
Curs Online
From 25/02/2019 to 05/04/2019.
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