Film forum cycle: ‘Migration is a human right’

Organised by SOS Refugiats Barcelona.

The Lleialtat Santsanca community centre is hosting a cycle of film forums in October entitled ‘Migrar és un dret humà’ (Migration is a human right).

The sessions aim to raise public awareness about migration, the political and legal situations refugees find themselves in and the human rights violations which occur in the sphere of migration and refuge. Cases of people who have suffered institutional and social racism in their migration process will also be presented.

The cycle is free, although those attending can make a donation to raise money for basic foodstuffs for camps in Greece.

The closing session on Thursday 31 October includes a talk with refugees, migration and refuge experts and activists.


—Thursday 10 October, 7 pm: My friend (TV3, 2017). The refugee crisis is probably the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe in the last 25 years. The documentary My friend, directed by Carles Prats and Paulí Subirà, travels to Greece to find out about the situation for thousands of asylum seekers who have been trapped there since Europe closed its borders in 2016.

—Thursday 17 October, 7 pm: Los muros del agua (Fotomovimiento, 2018). This documentary offers a critical vision of the refugee camps in Lesbos and Chios, two Greek islands which Europe has converted into prisons for innocent people, who are also being offered false hopes regarding the future.

—Thursday 24 October, 7 pm: Ongi Etorri Errefuxiatuak. This documentary shows the real story of people in different parts of the world, who explain the complex situation of migrants and refugees.

—Thursday 31 October, 7 pm: La meva pell (Siticom and Entre Pobles). The story of eight brave women with different identities, origins and knowledge who have experienced the migration process first hand and left their countries in search of a better future in Europe.

La Lleialtat Santsenca
From 10/10/2019 to 31/10/2019.
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