37th Annual Human Rights Course

This edition of the course will be analysing and responding to the current context of regression and the limitation of rights and freedoms.

Standing up for civil society spaces in contexts of regression. Human rights analysis and proposals.

In recent years, governments in various regions in the world have adopted increasingly repressive laws and policies to diminish the capacity for monitoring, decisive action and the generation of alternatives by the civil society. International human rights institutions have described this trend as a “shrinking space for civil society”, describing situations where human rights activists, trade unionists, journalists, intellectuals and any dissident voices face arbitrary restrictions, physical threats, judicial harassment and even death.

The 37th edition of the Annual Human Rights Course seeks to respond to this context of regression and the limitation of rights and freedoms. Using a propositional and constructive approach, the idea is to regain spaces for the civil society as a fundamental agent for social pressure and transformation, with human rights acting as the tool to achieve this.

Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya
From 18/03/2019 to 04/04/2019.
Time tables
De dilluns a dijous a les 18:00h
C Pau Claris, 0092
La Dreta de Eixample